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Build Beautiful Top-Line and Muscle Tone.

Many horse owners find that their horse occasionally lacks top-line, especially after a rest or spell, or struggles to maintain full muscle function when stepping up to harder training.

Kohnke's Own Muscle XL is the ultimate 'Muscle Food' which can help your horse gain beautiful top-line, improve muscle strength and stamina as well as support recovery after exercise in hard working horses.

The Benefits of Muscle XL:

For racing, performance, endurance and equestrian horses to build and strengthen muscle tone and top-line.

Helpful supplement for building muscle bulk and strength in horses with back pain, low muscle mass or muscle wastage problems.

Super-strength supplement for horses lacking proper muscle bulk, especially old horses which may have reduced muscle mass and condition from reduced protein digestion efficiency.

Help young horses or 'slabby-sided' yearlings bulk up
pre-sale without excess energy, easy to give with quick results.

Targeted supplement for recovery after intense training sessions, hard competitions or endurance rides where muscle energy and antioxidant replenishment is paramount.

The ultimate muscle food source with extra nutrients for muscle function and recovery after exercise.

Build beautiful top-line and muscle tone quickly and easily with high level of quality protein, essential amino acids and concentrated branched chain amino acids (BCAAs), organic sulphur (MSM), organic chelated zinc and natural, high potency vitamin E.

See the difference in muscle tone and top-line in just 3 weeks. Muscle XL is best given as a concentrated supplement within 15 minutes after exercise.

Use Muscle XL after training to refuel tired muscles and encourage muscle fibre synthesis, regeneration and repair.

Low sugar formula builds lean muscle, not fat!

Does not cause fizziness or hot behaviour.

Dosage Rate: 1 scoopful contains 40 grams of Muscle XL.

For horses (400 - 600 kg body weight), give 2 scoopsful per day. For ponies (200 - 400 kg body weight) give 1 scoopful daily.