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Cell-Vital represents a new concept in providing a supplement of trace-minerals and vitamins to make-up shortfalls in the common grain, chaff and hay rations fed to horses in training.

Cell-Vital is formulated from two (2) separate Supplets blended in a 50:50 ratio to deliver a comprehensive range of nutrients to correct low or inadequate levels in the diet.
Innovative 2 Supplet® blend

Brown Supplet® Pellets – full range of trace-minerals with organic selenium and chromium
Golden Supplet® Pellets – all essential vitamins in a separate Supplet® to eliminate trace-mineral interaction for maximum potency.

Cell-Vital is a high potency, palatable trace-mineral and vitamin supplement formulated to correct low or inadequate levels in the common feeds fed to racing and other horses, thereby effectively meeting the increased needs of the equine athlete.

Because the two Cell-Vital Supplets contain nutrients in a concentrated form to make-up shortfalls in the ration, it is best to divide the full daily amount above 20g between the morning and evening feeds to help ensure optimum uptake of nutrients, avoiding overloading of the absorption mechanism in the digestive tract.

The 50:50 blend of trace-mineral and vitamin Supplets are highly palatable and well accepted by horses, even those considered to be suspicious eaters.

The daily dose ranges from 20g a day for horses in light work to 30g daily (as 2 x 15g doses) for horses in pre-training, to 40g daily (2 x 20g doses) for horses that are in full race or upper level equestrian training.
Each 40g supplementary amount provides all essential trace-minerals and vitamins, with higher levels of many trace-minerals and vitamins than most other supplements, including...
Zinc (including organic forms) – 480mg
Iron and manganese (including organic forms) – 350 mg
Organic Selenium – 2.1 mg
Organic Chromium – 5 mg
Vitamin A – 50,000 IU
Vitamin E – 720 IU
Optimum levels of all essential vitamins