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Restore is a scientifically formulated electrolyte supplement designed to match the composition of horse sweat. Restore is designed to replenish electrolytes in any situation where horses may have sweated, particularly after training, travel, racing, competition, or during hot weather. Restore is sugar–free and does not contain any alkalinising agents.

Why use Restore?
Can be used to provide routine or strategic electrolyte replacement for all horses during training, competition and travel.
Easily mixes into water for use in a saline drench to support rehydration.

RESTORE can be combined with HEMABUILD Vitamin B and Trace Mineral Supplement and made into a paste or drench, for before and after intense exercise and travel. Always allow free choice access to fresh, clean water following supplementation with electrolytes. A veterinarian should be consulted before feeding electrolytes to a horse that is not willing to drink water.

Feeding Directions
60 – 90g daily to horses, depending on sweat loss.
Note: These recommendations are for horses with a mature body weight of 500kg. Please adjust according to the weight of your horse.