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Same trusted and proven formula in a great new look!

HYGAIN® GLEAM®, Rapid Hoof and Coat Conditioner is a blend of biotin, bio-chelated zinc, quality amino acids, full fat soya bean meal and essential fatty acids formulated in a palatable banana flavoured base for all equines.

Ideal for strong healthy hooves, to assist horses with dull coats, for show/sales preparation, to assist in moving winter coats and for general health and condition of horse coats, manes, tails and skin.

Biotin, promoting the growth and development of healthy hooves, optimising horn and frog quality and hoof integrity and strength.

Methionine and Zinc aids in the production of smooth hair and healthy skin, resulting in a glowing coat.

Hygain Gleam® incorporates Keratin components to promote the development of strong hooves,
healthy skin and a glistening coat.

Biotin is a B Group Vitamin understood to support cell proliferation and growth. Deficiency in biotin has been shown to result in poor quality hoof, skin and coat.

Methionine is an essential amino acid, required for the production of keratin. Keratin is the major protein component of the hoof wall and horse hair.

Zinc is a trace mineral that plays a role in skin, hoof and coat health. Enzymes involved in keratin production depend on Zinc to function. Decreased Zinc in the diet has been associated with decreased hoof strength and hardness

Directions for use.
Daily Dosage:
Hoof & General Coat Condition: 40g
Rapid Coat Condition: 60g

Biotin 20mg
Methionine 5,000mg
Zinc 200mg
Full Fat Soybean Meal 34g