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Up to 800m range
10 levels of continuous and momentary stimulation
Non-stimulating tone and vibration option
Control up to 2 dogs (with purchase of additional collars)
Exchangeable contact probes for short or long hair dogs
Waterproof (IPX 7) & Rechargeable transmitter
Waterproof (1 ATM) and Rechargeable Dog Device/Collar
12 month warranty

The Garmin Delta SE remote training collar has improved design from previous generation Garmin delta series system. The new Delta SE is easy to use for every dog training. It features big buttons design which is easy to operate the handheld which is even in the pocket. Both the Delta SE remote dog collar and handheld are small and light weight. The dog collar is suitable for small dogs from 4.5kg in weight. It is an ideal remote dog trainer for pet dogs and working dogs.

The new Delta SE retains exchangeable long and short contact probes for long hair and short hair dogs. Besides that, refined big button design to replace "high tech" LCD screen for easier to use.

Please note: Garmin Delta SE dog training system is fully compactable with Garmin Delta XC system. The Delta SE collar can be paired with Gramin Delta XC and Delta Sport XC remote transmitter. However, the Delta SE collar doesn’t have bark control collar feature which means you cannot use this collar as an anti bark collar even paired with Delta Sport XC transmitter. The Delta SE transmitter can also pair with Garmin Delta XC series dog device.

Key Definitions:

The M button stands for Momentary stimulation which give the dog a single, rapid stimulation pulse

The C button stands for Continuous stimulation which delivers a continuous max 12 seconds stimulation

The T button stands for Tone which emits a warning beep/auditable tone to the dog.

The stimulation level selection dial on the top of the remote transmitter has 10 levels of stimulation setting plus vibration only stimulation

Dog Switch button on the side

Allows you quickly switch between 2 dogs without looking at the remote. You can correct the unwanted behaviour without even looking at the remote transmitter.

Compare with original Garmin Delta XC series

Garmin Delta SE has newer USB type C charging port for both transmitter handheld and dog device charging clip. This newer USB type C charging clip is also compatible with Delta XC series collars.

Contact Probes
Delta SE comes with 2 pairs (short and long) of new Garmin plastic contact probes. These plastic probes will sit more comfortable on dog’s neck which would reduce skin irritation problem for sensitive dogs. These new plastic probes also suit the Garmin Delta XC series dog training collars.

Extra collar holding bracket
The Delta SE dog device looks very identical to the Delta XC dog collar. The only difference is the extra bracket in the middle of the collar to fit through the collar strap. This bracket will help to hold the collar strap in place tighter. It reduces the chance of collar strap that get caught from tree, fence, wire or other objects.

Static stimulation output
The new Delta SE dog training system has 10 adjustable stimulaton output. It can be paired with the original Delta XC collar as well as the new Delta SE collar. We have tested the output through the levels by comparing the old Delta XC collar and the new Delta SE collar by pairing with the same Delta SE transmitter handheld. In level 1, both Delta XC and Delta SE dog collar have similar output. On level 5, we can see the Delta XC has a little bit stronger output than the Delta SE. The light fills more gap on the bulb of the right of Delta XC. However in level 10, Delta SE collar is stronger which we can see from the red refeltion on the dog device, the SE is a lot stronger than the Delta XC.