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The new Dine a Chook Automatic 5 Nipple Duck Waterer is a revolution in duck, poultry and chicken hydration. It is so easy to install our Automatic Mains Pressure Duck Drinker with 5 Lubing Nipples. Once fitted in place, connect to a garden hose and you have water on demand 24/7 for your ducks or chooks.

Instant benefits include:

Five Lubing Nipples for up to 24 chickens or ducks
Prevents algae and mould
Prevents water contamination
Stops dirt, mud & poop in the drinking water
Lubing Nipples are used by commercial poultry farms all over the world
No more filling up the drinker every day
Ideal for ducks and waterfowl as Nipple outlets reduce spillage of the drinking water
This Five Nipple Automatic Mains Pressure Drinker is the backyard poultry keeper's new best friend. With the highest quality components, it is designed to last. And installation is a breeze. We supply everything you need to have this up and running in no time at all. Then sit back and watch your birds enjoy clean, fresh water on demand. Use the Dine a Chook Automatic Mains Pressure Waterer for: chickens, pheasants, ducks, adult quail, pigeons and many other birds.

One commercial-grade Lubing Mains Pressure tank
Lubing horizontal ball value
Five genuine Lubing Nipples
Dine a Chook exclusive outlet frame
Nylon 13mm spigot (hose tail)
Stainless steel hose clamp
Custom-made heavy-duty aluminium support bracket
All Lubing brand parts are manufactured in Germany by the world leaders in poultry hydration. Don't settle for cheap imitations - for long-lasting reliability, choose genuine German-made Lubing parts.

All Dine a Chook branded parts are designed and manufactured in Australia for quality that you can trust.

Where to locate the Mains Pressure Chicken Drinker
Just like you, poultry loves cold refreshing water. So it is important, regardless of which poultry drinker you choose, that it is located in a shady place to avoid the water getting hot. Depending on how large your flock and run are, you may consider a second Dine a Chook Chicken Drinker in another position elsewhere in the run, so your birds have access to water in different locations.

How to install the Automatic Mains Pressure Drinker - Twin Cup
The best part about the Dine a Chook system is that we have made everything so simple. Connections are made to be easy. Even if you aren't confident with pipes and plumbing, you can have our Automatic Chicken Waterer up and running in under 20 minutes. We aren't joking when we say that our system, which connects to the tap with a standard garden hose, makes LEGO look complicated!

Connect the supplied outlet piping to the black Header Tank.
Nipple outlets should be installed so birds reach up at around a 45 degree angle. Measure the ideal Drinker height on the basis of your smallest bird and install the mounting plate for the Header Tank accordingly.
Fit the nylon inlet valve.
Run a high quality garden hose (12 mm) from your water source to the Header Tank. Slide the stainless steel clamp onto the hose, push the hose onto the inlet valve and clamp securely in place.
Turn on the water, check all connections and monitor your chickens to ensure all birds in the flock can access the water, particularly the smaller birds. If access is an issue for smaller birds, you can provide a step (e.g. a paver) or lower the height of the system.
Congratulations. You now have the best automatic mains pressure system installed in your coop - Genuine Dine a Chook.