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Compact Dine A Chook Poultry Drinker 2lt with Lubing Cup

Are you looking for the best drinker for your chickens? Lubing Cup Waterers are the industry-preferred hydration system due to the drip-free Drinking Cups that are specifically designed for minimal contamination with dirt, dust and feed.

Australia's favourite Poultry Drinker from Dine a Chook is now available in a compact 2 Litre size with a single Lubing Drinker Cup. This convenient chook drinker is the ideal choice:

For installation in small chook pens where space is at a premium
In breeding pens
As a second waterer to improve hydration in hot summer months - situate it in the shade where birds spend the hottest part of the day
For aviaries
As a Medication Drinker for delivering liquid vitamin supplements and medicines such as dewormers etc
When showing birds, as the water is protected from the spread of disease and the compact drinker is likely to fit in the small pens

2 Litre Chicken Drinker with a single Lubing Cup outlet
Complimentary Mounting Kit containing 2 stainless steel brackets and 4 screws
Features of the 2 Litre Dine a Chook Poultry Drinker
Hand-built from Australian-manufactured parts
We use exclusively industrial-standard materials to ensure the longevity of our products
Our Drinkers are guaranteed lead-free and BPA-free
UV-treated PVC for long-term protection against photo-degradation - our Drinkers never become brittle or crack in the sun
Fitted with a Lubing Cup Drinker Outlet providing hydration on-demand
Lubing Cups are designed to prevent contamination
All Lubing Cups have been upgraded with a Dine a Chook patented float for a more reliable fill
Dine a Chook Drinkers are suitable for chickens and other poultry, as well as many aviary and game birds.