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A powdered milk replacer suitable for rearing all kinds of animals.
The formula is 95% lactose free.
Contains easily digestible glucose and galactose
60% of the included protein is from whey protein
Suitable for use as:

Low lactose milk replacement for orphaned and early weaned animals
General supplement for extra nutrition for older animals during pregnancy and lactation

It is important that all orphaned animals be fed colostrum for the first few days after birth. This provides them with the essential antibodies they need to fend off disease
If the young animal you are raising has not had colostrum, please ensure that you also check with your vet if this formula is suitable for the young animal you are rearing

It is important to store the opened product in a sealed, dry container in a cool location
The product is best if used within one month of opening
Di-Vetelact is a low lactose milk supplement for orphan and early weaned animals.

For older animals, Di-Vetelact can be used in powder or liquid form as a general supplement and offers excellent extra nutrition during pregnancy and lactation.

Ingredients: Lactose hydrolysed skim and whole milk solids, dried vegetable oils, dextrose, dried glucose solids, casinates, lecithin, minerals, taurine, vitamins, mixed tocopherols and emulsifiers. DiVetelact has its lactose enzymically converted to easily digested glucose and galactose. It is 95% lactose free.

Feeding Guide:

Dilution A: 1 scoop DiVetelact to 60mL warm water. For 1 litre, 135g (15 scoops) DiVetelact to 900mL warm water gives 2800kJ.

Dilution B: 1 scoop DiVetelact to 40mL warm water. For 1 litre, 200g (22 scoops) DiVetelact to 850mL warm water gives 4200kJ.

Foals, calves, kids & fawns - feed Dilution A and do not increase concentration.

Lambs, native animals, rabbits, kittens, piglets & pups - start on Dilution A and gradually increase to Dilution B over 1 week as the animal tolerates DiVetelact.