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Anitone is an Australian made, natural organic liquid mineral and trace element feed supplement for all animals. A liquid, organic, nutritional supplement providing over 60 minerals and trace elements in a highly bioavailable, chelated form to supplement the diets of all domestic animals.

Why Anitone?
Anitone is the only liquid animal supplement available on the market for animal production with such a comprehensive range of ingredients, containing not only essential minerals, but also amino acids, and Vitamins A, D and Vitamin E.
Anitone is the only feed supplement on the market that is fermented in a process that mimics natural digestive processes, and is therefore highly palatable and relished by most animals.

How is Anitone made?

Anitone is derived from a careful manufacturing process that involves the fermentation of mineral rich plant extracts together with common stockfeed ingredients, such as molasses. This fermentation process enhances the value of all the ingredients contained in Anitone, and elevates it from a regular stock feed supplement to a "super food".

Vitamins and minerals that have been absorbed into plants form complex molecules called "phytocomplexes". These complicated natural substances cannot be reproduced in a laboratory and are becoming increasingly recognized as superior dietary sources of many nutrients. As the fermentation process used in making Anitone mimics digestion, the vitamins and minerals it contains thus become highly bioavailable to gut microflora immediately after dosing over the tongue, or mixing in feed or water.

There are over 60 minerals contained in Anitone, along with good levels of Vitamin A, D and E, plus a range of amino acids essential for growth and metabolism. In addition, Anitone provides a wide variety of plant origin volatile oils, chlorophyll, sterols, growth factors, alginates, humic and fulvic acids, vitamins and trace minerals, including many trace minerals such as selenium, zinc, iron, copper, cobalt, zinc, chromium, boron, manganese, nickel, vanadium – some of these more obscure elements are being proven by modern research to have emerging roles in maintaining peak metabolic function.

Most of these nutrients are also fundamental to maintaining healthy gut microflora, which perform the real work of digestion for the animal.

Many of these nutrients may be missing from modern diets, especially when they contain processed food, or from marginal pastures during harsh seasons, or may easily become depleted in times of stress and high physical demand.

The addition of Anitone to any animal production operation therefore ensures that animals gain maximum benefit from their daily food due to its supportive effect on gut microflora. However Anitone is a truly multi-tasking product because it can also be used in a bolus dose down the throat to revive a depressed or weakened animal, or to change mental attitude and enable the animal to cope with stress. For this reason, Anitone is a very useful product for animal owners to use to buffer the stress of the transport journey itself, or period of travelling away from home to competitions or sales.

How to Use Anitone:

Anitone is highly water soluble, and is designed for oral use which can be in a variety of ways to suit many operations.

May be used as an oral drench and mixes well with most water soluble commercial drenches and will not damage drench gun rubbers, animal's mouths or human skin as it is a completely natural product.
May be poured over feed rations, or mixed through them – either pour over the total ration (calculate per head dose or use at 5% ration), or can be poured or sprayed onto hay, or sprayed over grain via a grain applicator, (standard rate to spray into grain of 10 litres liquid per ton, using 5 litres Anitone mixed with 5 litres water)
May be added to drinking water wherever there is good flow through watering systems, and may be added to overhead tanks or distributed into sheds and troughs, providing water is not allowed to become stagnant. If added to drinking water, use at rate of 2%, or calculate dose per head according to known water consumption.
Is useful as a single shotgun dose if not convenient to give regularly, but works best when adapted to frequent and regular doses, at least once or twice weekly if possible. May also be given daily to show and performance animals, or animals that are in recovery or subjected to repeatedly stressful conditions.

Dose Rates for Anitone:

Horses, Camels, Cattle over 300kg - 60mL as required

Ponies, Foals & Calves Under 300kg - 30mL as required

Sheep, Goats, Alpacas - 10mL as required

Pigs - 10mL as required

Dogs Under 20kg - 2mL as required

Dogs Over 20kg -5mL as required

All other animals including cats and caged birds - 0.5mL per 5kg bodyweight

Withholding Period: Nil