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The Allflex Large Female tag is a two-piece visual tag most commonly used in the identification of cattle. It is also used for variety of other identification purposes across the agricultural industry. The Allflex Large Female tag can be paired with any of the Allflex male tag range. Pair with the Allflex Large Male tag to add extra visibility when looking at the animal from behind.

Features and benefits
Designed for durability.
Available in a large colour range.
Stem design is engineered for high retention and is less prone to snagging.
Available either printed to suit your identification purposes or blank to be hand written with the Allflex Tag Pen.
Flexible marking options available including a wide variety of letter and number combinations.
Available in two printing options; LazaFX and Laza.
76mm (H) x 56mm (W).

Applied using the Universal, LazaMatic or Identiplier applicators. For application instructions including tag positions, please download the instruction sheet under the applicator’s webpage or contact us.