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When looking for a rain gauge, there is only one name you can trust: RainMaxx. The brand guarantees high accuracy for its rain gauges that can last for a long time. They are easy to use, whether for taking precipitation levels in your area or reading the results. It is why RainMaxx is the preferred brand of many Australians.

The rain gauges are designed with high-grade polycarbonate plastic that can withstand the harsh weather outdoors. But what is so distinct about this material? RainMaxx took a deliberate decision to choose polycarbonate plastic to construct the rain gauges. They are virtually indestructible, so they are almost impossible to break. After all, it is the same component that other manufacturers use to create bullet-proof glass.

The material does not yellow or fade, thanks to its unique ultraviolet formulation. It does not become brittle, so leaving it outside under the sun for several hours daily will not lead to brittleness. Other brands simply offer inferior versions, which you will find as a temporary measuring item to use. These disposable gauges are typically made from low-grade polystyrene that does not just turn yellow but also breaks easily.

This product measures 280mm, but you can also find other sizes, specifically 90mm and 150mm. All these variations come in easy-to-clean design consisting of a flat measuring base. This way, it is easy to get rid of any sediment left after gathering rain data.

Our rain gauges are built tough to survive the harshest climates in Australia. With it’s special UV formulation and a simple design our rain gauges may just outlast you. They are virtually unbreakable. Available in 3 sizes – 90mm, 150mm and 280mm. AgBoss RainMaxx have taken these designs to the next level in materials used, design elements, and weather resistance. You will simply not find a better rain gauge, period.

Virtually unbreakable
Quick and easy to install
Measures in millimetres and inches
Open access for easy cleaning
Easy to read with raised graduations
Tough UV stabilised for longer life
Frost resistant